Tommy Emmanuel

This is the man guitars dream about. Tommy Emmanuel is regarded by many to be the best fingerstyle guitar player on the face of the earth. Tommy is unquestionably a guitarist of the highest order. Usually performing solo, and using his favoured Maton acoustic guitars, Tommy puts everything into performing. I had the honour of seeing him play a live gig recently and, quite frankly, it was the best live performance I've seen from a solo artist - ever.

Few guitarists master their instrument to the degree that Tommy does. I'm not just talking technical ability (he already oozes that). Tommy communicates through his performance in such a way that you become a part of what he's doing. He shares himself through his playing, and communicates with the crowd in a way that transcends - for me, this is what real live music is about.

No two concerts are ever the same with Tommy Emmanuel. If you see him for the first time, there's a good chance you'll leave feeling like you've known him all your life. Tommy is not interested in overworking his ego, or any of the other poorer qualities sometimes ascribed to players of great technical ability. He is one of the most humble, genuine and real characters in the music world today.

Few guitarists would choose to walk the path that Tommy has chosen. Being a solo instrumentalist in todays pop-driven culture is brave. But Tommy does things his way. He loves to connect with people in the unique way that solo performances allow. Tommy Emman...